Sokolik Homelab

Welcome to my Homelab

What is a homelab?

Simply put, a homelab is an environment of computers and equipment setup at home for research. It can range from anything as small as a single Raspberry Pi running a single application to several servers and networking equipment running many different applications and containers. You may even incorporate a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to host your homelab in the cloud.

Why do I run a homelab?

I run a homelab to refine my skills and play with new (or at least new to me) technology. I have refined my skills with VMWare, learned Kubernetes, updated my database skills, and have fun tinkering and expanding my lab.

About Me

I'm an experienced engineer in the Identity and Access Management space focused on single sign on technologies like OAuth, OIDC, and SAML. You can read more about me if you're bored.